First Aid, BLS & CPR Certification Classes Taught At Your Walnut Creek Business Or Home

In Home CPR is available seven days a week, including evenings to come to your Walnut Creek business or home.

We offer Red Cross, American Heart Association and ASHI First Aid, CPR and BLS certification classes – as well as pediatric-focus classes for new and expecting parents.

CPR Essentials

The Walnut Creek CPR Essentials Class is an infant and/or toddler-focused class customized for new and expecting parents, grandparents, nannies, and other family members. You will learn to respond to infant airway emergencies such as choking, allergic reactions, drowning, seizures, as well as learn to do CPR.


Walnut Creek CPR AED classes are a two-year ASHI certification class taught at your business or home. This course is for non-medical professionals who need a CPR certification, such as personal trainers, athletic coaches and school teachers.

BLS for Healthcare Providers

BLS certification classes in Walnut Creek are the required CPR certification for people who work in healthcare and for healthcare students. Professions that need an American Heart Association BLS certification include Dental Professional, RNs, LVN, Physical and Occupation Therapist, Medical Assistant, Medical Technician.

First Aid Class

First Aid training in Walnut Creek provides you certifications from ASHI, meeting OSHA requirements and are valid for two years. The course provides first aid training for numerous topics: bleeding, burns, falls, concussions, recognizing and responding to stroke and heart attacks.

First Aid CPR AED Classes

Walnut Creek First Aid CPR AED certification classes can be scheduled seven days a week, including evenings. Besides CPR and using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), topics include concussions, diabetic emergencies, allergic reactions and using an Epi-Pen, choking and many others!

Pediatric First Aid AED CPR Class

Pediatric first aid CPR AED certification classes for Walnut Creek meet the EMSA’s requirements for licensed childcare providers in California. Choking, allergic reactions, epi-pen use, concussions, seizures and many other topics are covered in this Red Cross certification course.

ACLS Class

AHA Walnut Creek ACLS certification classes are the preferred ACLS certification for healthcare professionals. You can do all of your ACLS certification class with our instructor or most of the ACLS course online, followed by a skills session with an instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walnut Creek CPR Classes


Q: How do I set up a CPR class at my Walnut Creek business or home?

A: Whether you need CPR Training, BLS Certification or an Infant CPR class, contact us with a couple of dates and start times in mind and we will schedule a class with you. We can also train you to use an AED.


Q: I want First Aid training and also want to get a certification at my Walnut Creek business or home.  Can I do that?

A: Yes, we teach ASHI and American Red Cross First Aid certification courses in Walnut Creek. People often think CPR and First Aid are the same things, but they aren’t. 1st aid training covers many of the everyday medical issues we all deal with: burns, bleeding, falls, asthma, fainting – as well as topics like stroke, seizures and heart attacks. Everyone should take a first aid class because these are medical issues you’re most likely to encounter.


Q: What Walnut Creek First Aid certification will I be receiving?

A: We offer American Red Cross Pediatric First Aid & CPR AED certifications for licensed childcare facilities in Walnut Creek. This fulfills the First Aid & CPR requirements of the EMSA – the agency that regulates California daycares and preschools. We offer ASHI First Aid certifications for all other non-medical professionals who need a First Aid certification in Walnut Creek because that certification meets OSHA requirements. These would include jobs like construction, athletic coaches, personal trainers, and school bus drivers, and anyone else who is required to have a First Aid course. You can also add CPR AED certification training to your course if needed.


Q: Do you instruct the American Heart Association’s BLS certification class in Walnut Creek?

A: Yes, the AHA’s BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR certification is often the required CPR certification if you work in a clinic or hospital. If you are a student in healthcare, you are also required to have a BLS certification.


Q: I know there is a lot of training equipment in a Walnut Creek BLS CPR certification class. Do I need to provide any of that or do you bring everything?

A: Our instructors bring all of the training equipment for your BLS certification class in Walnut Creek: practice AEDs, ambu bags, pocket masks, CPR manikins that provide electronic feedback, and even knee pads! We also bring all of the audio and visual equipment. You only need to provide a space for our class – this can be a large room with open floor space or an outdoor space.


Q: Is there a minimum of people needed to schedule an Walnut Creek infant CPR class at my home?

A: There is no minimum number of people needed to schedule an infant CPR class with us. Your baby can be present during class, too. We’re available seven days a week to come to you, including evenings. All of our instructors are medical professionals such as Paramedics and EMTs.


Q: I run a licensed childcare facility in Walnut Creek and need my staff trained. What is the correct class for us?

A: Childcare teachers are required to have a Pediatric First Aid & CPR certification in Walnut Creek. We offer the American Red Cross class because it fulfills the licensing requirements of the EMSA – the agency that regulates childcare facilities in California.


Q: I’m not sure which certification I need! Can you help me?

A: Absolutely! We know the First Aid, BLS, CPR and ACLS requirements for all industries in Walnut Creek. It’s our job to make sure you receive the right certification so you’re in compliance with your industry requirements. We know OSHA, EMSA and hospital requirements. Feel free to contact us and we’re more than happy to work with you to make sure you’re taking the correct certification class.

Walnut Creek CPR Class Locations Taught by In Home CPR

We are proud to have taught CPR certification classes for the following Walnut Creek businesses:

The Covello Group, Comfort Assisting, Ob-Gyn Specialists, W.E. Lyons Construction Co.

Comfort Assist

CPR Certification Class

112 La Casa Via, Walnut Creek, CA, 94598

Ob-Gyn Specialists

CPR Certification Class

2121 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

W.E. Lyon's Construction

CPR Certification Class

1301 Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

As an independent businesswoman, it was refreshing to work with someone who believes as I do:that punctuality, professionalism, kindness, and good customer relations are worthy goals to achieve.

Sornam Sahadevan

My family had the pleasure of having Chris teach us a class that, in my opinion, is not an option if you choose to have children – it’s mandatory.

Lori Costabile

I recently completed a CPR class with Chris, and I urge anyone who is interested in taking a CPR class to take Chris’ class; you’ll be happy you did. Chris is a natural teacher, and he has an easy going and very likable personality.

Tom Rooker

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