First Aid, BLS & CPR Certification Classes Taught At Your Belmont Business Or Home

Since 2010, In Home CPR has been coming to Belmont businesses and homes to First Aid, CPR and BLS certification classes.

We are available seven days a week, including evenings to come to you.  There is no minimum number of students needed to schedule a class with us.

CPR Essentials

The Belmont CPR Essentials Class is a non-certification pediatric-focused class for all members of your family, including nannies and grandparents. You will learn to respond to airway emergencies such as choking, allergic reactions, drowning, seizures, as well as learn infant CPR.


CPR AED certification classes taught in Belmont are an ASHI two-year certification course for non-medical professionals. This class is for people who need a CPR certification such as school teachers, personal trainers, and athletic coaches.

BLS for Healthcare Providers

American Heart Association BLS certifications in Belmont are the certifications needed for anyone working in healthcare. The course covers using an AED, Bag-Valve-Mask Device, Adult, Child and Infant CPR for one-person, two-person and group responses. 

First Aid Class

First Aid training in Belmont is available seven days a week, including evenings. Certifications are from ASHI, meeting OSHA requirements and are valid for two years.

First Aid CPR AED Classes

Belmont ASHI First Aid CPR AED certification classes are a preferred First Aid CPR AED certification by OSHA. First Aid classes cover topics such as heart attack, stroke, diabetic emergencies, low blood sugar, fainting, concussions, bleeding, burns and many other common topics.

Pediatric First Aid AED CPR Class

Licensed childcare teachers require a pediatric first aid CPR certification for Belmont that fulfill the EMSA’s licensing. We offer the American Red Cross’ certification so you’re in compliance!

ACLS Class

American Heart Association ACLS certifications in Belmont are easy to schedule with us. Blended learning approaches – most of the ACLS certification course online, followed by a “skills session” with our instructor is a great approach for ACLS recertification.

Frequently Asked Questions About Belmont CPR Classes


Q: I’m interested in having you teach a class at my business or home in Belmont. How do I schedule that?

A: Contact us if you’re ready to schedule a CPR, BLS or First Aid class at Belmont business or home or if you have questions about what class you need. We teach ASHI and American Red Cross Certification classes for CPR AED, First Aid and Pediatric First Aid. We also instruct American Heart Association certification classes for healthcare professionals: BLS for Healthcare Providers and ACLS. We also teach non-certification infant CPR and First Aid classes for new and expecting parents. In short, we bring all of the training and audio/visual equipment to your location – you just need to provide a room for our class. If you know which class you need, contact us with a couple dates and start times that work for your group. We have many mobile instructors, so we will find a day/start time that works for both of us.


Q: Our group in Belmont needs CPR certifications, but we also need First Aid certifications. Can we get both certifications in the same class?

A: Yes, your group can take an American Red Cross or ASHI First Aid CPR AED certification class in Belmont. It’s a single certification. All of the First Aid and CPR material can be covered during a single session with our instructors. These classes are typically 4 to 5 hours in length and result in a two-year certification card. You can also do most of the course online ahead of time, followed by a “skills session” with our instructors – the hands-on practice portion of the course. The skills session is typically 1 to 2 hours. Both approaches result in the same Belmont First Aid CPR AED certification.


Q: I’ve told I need to take a “BLS” class for my Belmont job. What does that mean?

A: BLS stands for Basic Life Support. Everyone who works in healthcare is required to have a BLS Provider CPR certification for Belmont. Hospitals and clinics in California almost all require an American Heart Association BLS certification for employees, not the Red Cross BLS certification.  People who work in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) can usually do either organization’s BLS certification. We know choosing the right certification class can be confusing, so if you’re not sure, just ask us!


Q: I want a baby CPR class at my Belmont home. Can my baby be present during the class?

A: Yes! Every year we instruct hundreds of infant CPR classes in Belmont and other Bay Area cities.  We’re very used to have babies present during the class and we understand if you need to take a break to tend to your baby. Unlike a class in a classroom with other students, infant CPR classes in your home are ideal because it’s just your family and the instructor. Many of our instructors have children, so we know the challenges of arranging for babysitters.  Don’t sweat it – your baby is welcome to join us!


Q: What is the difference between Infant CPR and Child CPR in a Belmont CPR certification class?

A: Infants are defined as one-year-old and under in a First Aid & CPR class. A child Is one-year-old up to puberty. Pediatric First Aid & CPR classes for licensed childcare facilities in Belmont cover child CPR and infant CPR. Adult CPR is also covered because the most often CPR performed is on adults because of cardiac issues.


Q: I see you offer CPR AED certification classes for Belmont. What does AED mean?

A: We have all seen a person being defibrillated with paddles on TV medical shows. With advances in technology, now everybody can use a defibrillator called an AED – Automated External Defibrillator. When the AED is turned on it talks the user through what to do. Instead of paddles, sticky pads are applied to the victim’s chest and then the AED analyzes the victim to determine if they need a shock to get their heart beating normally. They are surprising easy to use and widely available for the public to use in airports, malls, gyms and sports stadiums. For our CPR AED classes in Belmont, we bring practice AEDs so you will be prepared to use one if needed.


Q: I’m not sure which certification I need! Can you help me?

A: Absolutely! We know the First Aid, BLS, CPR and ACLS requirements for all industries. It’s our job to make sure you receive the right certification so you’re in compliance with your industry requirements. We know OSHA, EMSA and hospital requirements for Belmont. Feel free to contact us and we’re more than happy to work with you to make sure you’re taking the correct certification class.


Q: Do you teach Belmont onsite CPR certification classes?

A: Yes, our specialty is coming to businesses and homes to teach on-site CPR classes. We bring all of the training equipment – you just need to provide a space for our class.

Belmont CPR Class Locations Taught by In Home CPR

We are proud to have taught CPR certification classes for the following Belmont businesses:

Urmi Amin DDS, Belmont Plaza Dental Care, Dr. Donald Dazols, Brett Hoffman DDS

Belmont Plaza Dental Care

CPR Certification Class

390 El Camino Real,
Belmont, CA, 94002

Dr. Donald Dazols

CPR Certification Class

2100 Carlmont Dr.
Suite 9
Belmont, CA

Brett Hoffman, DDS

CPR Certification Class

2120 Carlmont Drive #1,
Belmont CA

As an independent businesswoman, it was refreshing to work with someone who believes as I do:that punctuality, professionalism, kindness, and good customer relations are worthy goals to achieve.

Sornam Sahadevan

My family had the pleasure of having Chris teach us a class that, in my opinion, is not an option if you choose to have children – it’s mandatory.

Lori Costabile

I recently completed a CPR class with Chris, and I urge anyone who is interested in taking a CPR class to take Chris’ class; you’ll be happy you did. Chris is a natural teacher, and he has an easy going and very likable personality.

Tom Rooker

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