First Aid, BLS & CPR Certification Classes Taught At Your Fremont Business Or Home

We come to Fremont businesses and homes to instruct CPR classes, First Aid training, BLS certifications and ACLS classes.

We bring the classroom to you — you choose the time and place for our class. There is no minimum number of students needed to schedule a class with us.  

CPR Essentials

The CPR Essentials Class taught in Fremont is a non-certification pediatric-focused class for new and expecting parents and their family members. The individualized, hands-on instruction lets us quickly cover a lot of material with plenty of time to ask questions.


CPR AED classes taught in Fremont are designed for non-medical professionals who need a CPR certification. It is an American Red Cross Certification class taught at your Fremont business or home.

BLS for Healthcare Providers

Fremont BLS Classes are the required CPR certification for people who work in healthcare and for healthcare students: RNs, LVN, Medical Assistant, Dental Professional, Physical and Occupation Therapist, Medical Technician.

First Aid Class

Fremont First Aid classes are for non-medical professionals who need a First Aid certification.

First Aid CPR AED Classes

The Fremont First Aid CPR AED class is a Red Cross Certification class designed for non-medical professionals. It meets OSHA’s First Aid & CPR certification requirements.

Pediatric First Aid AED CPR Class

The Pediatric First Aid AED CPR Class taught in Fremont is the EMSA’s required certification course for licensed daycare and preschool teachers in California.

ACLS Class

Fremont ACLS classes are for medical professionals who need to recognize and respond to cardiac rhythms and manage airways. This class is for students who are new to ACLS or do not have a current American Heart Association ACLS certification.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fremont CPR Classes


Q: You teach CPR classes at Fremont businesses and homes? How does this work?

A: In Home CPR was started on the idea of making it easier to take a CPR class in Fremont or any other city in the Bay Area.  We bring all of the training and audio/visual equipment – you just need to provide a space for our class.  We have several mobile instructors, so when you have a couple dates and start times in mind for your First Aid, CPR, ACLS or BLS certification class, let us know, and we will find a day and start times that works for both of us.


Q: I’ve seen 1stAid Training and First Aid Training for Fremont. Is there a difference?

A: No, those are the same thing.  We instruct the American Red Cross First Aid certification courses. However, if your group in Fremont doesn’t need a First Aid certification class, we can create a custom class that suites your needs.  We teach many non-certification infant first aid classes for new and expecting parents at their homes.


Q: What are my options for taking an ACLS certification class in Fremont with your company?

A: We can do your entire American Heart Association ACLS class at your Fremont business or home or you can do the “blended learning” approach – you complete most of the course on-line and then our instructor come to you to run a practice megacode and some airway skills.


Q: What skills are taught in an Fremont American Heart Association BLS class?

A: Unlike a CPR class for the public, a BLS class is geared for medical professionals that may have access to additional equipment and trained personnel.  Skills include: adult, child and infant CPR.  1 person, 2 person and group responses are practiced, use of an AED – automated external defibrillator, using a BVM – bag-value-mask, advanced airways, responses to choking and opioid emergencies.  Anyone can take an AHA BLS certification course in Fremont.


Q: I see your offer CPR training.  Do you offer First Aid training in Fremont?

A: Yes, we offer both.  You can take a standalone First Aid training class or CPR training class in Fremont, but you can also take them together.  For people who need a certification, we offer American Red Cross First Aid certification training or American Red Cross CPR certification training or you can take a Red Cross First Aid & CPR certification training class. Let us know which class you want or need and we will make sure you are getting the correct training for your group.


Q: It looks like the Pediatric First Aid class is for childcare professionals in Fremont.  Can a parent take it?

A: Anybody can take the American Red Cross Pediatric First Aid CPR AED certification class.  It’s a very extensive class and you will gain a real depth of understand of how to recognize and respond to all the major pediatric medical emergencies.  We also offer shorter non-certification pediatric focused First Aid and CPR class for new and expecting parents in Fremont.


Q: I want a baby CPR class at my Fremont home.  Can my baby be present during the class?

A: Yes!  Every year we instruct hundreds of infant CPR classes in Fremont and other Bay Area cities. We’re very used to have babies present during the class and we understand if you need to take a break to tend to your baby.  Unlike a class in a classroom with other students, infant CPR classes in your home are ideal because it’s just your family and the instructor.  Many of our instructors have children, so we know the challenges of arranging for babysitters.  Don’t sweat it – your baby is welcome to join us!


Q: Can I do my CPR class entirely on-line?

A: If you need your certification to meet a job requirement, the answer is very likely no.  There are numerous on-line advertisements for on-line only CPR classes. We frequently get calls from people who took an online-class, submitted it to their Fremont company supervisor and are told the certification does not meeting their requirements.  OSHA the EMSA and other organizations that make sure industries in Fremont are meeting safety requirements are very clear individuals need to practice CPR, BLS and First Aid skills as part of their certification.


Q: Do you know the Fremont CPR certification and First Aid class requirements for my industry?

A: Yes, we view part of our job to know the First Aid and CPR AED certification requirements for Fremont industries.  Whether you’re a preschool that needs an American Red Cross Pediatric First Aid CPR AED certification class or a dental office that needs a BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR certification, we will make sure you get the correct First Aid and CPR certification for your industry.

Fremont CPR Class Locations Taught by In Home CPR

We are proud to have taught CPR certification classes for the following Fremont businesses:

Beverly Claiborne DDS, Pacific Dental Care, Kontron America, Bjork Construction

UFC Gym Sunnyvale

CPR Certification Class

733 S Wolfe Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Beverly Claiborne, DDS

CPR Certification Class

39572 Stevenson Place
Fremont, CA 94539, USA

Pacific Dental Care

CPR Certification Class

39985 Mission Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539, USA

Kontron America

CPR Class

6505 Dumbarton Circle
Fremont, CA 94555, USA


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As an independent businesswoman, it was refreshing to work with someone who believes as I do:that punctuality, professionalism, kindness, and good customer relations are worthy goals to achieve.

Sornam Sahadevan

My family had the pleasure of having Chris teach us a class that, in my opinion, is not an option if you choose to have children – it’s mandatory.

Lori Costabile

I recently completed a CPR class with Chris, and I urge anyone who is interested in taking a CPR class to take Chris’ class; you’ll be happy you did. Chris is a natural teacher, and he has an easy going and very likable personality.

Tom Rooker

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