First Aid, BLS & CPR Certification Classes Taught At Your San Jose Business Or Home

In Home CPR specializes in coming to San Jose businesses and homes to teach CPR, BLS, First Aid and ACLS certification classes.

You choose the time and place for our class and we bring the classroom to you. There is no minimum number of students needed to schedule a class with us.  We bring all of the training equipment.  You only need to provide a space for our class.

CPR Essentials

The CPR Essentials Class taught in San Jose is a non-certification pediatric-focused class for new and expecting parents and their family members. The individualized, hands-on instruction lets us quickly cover a lot of material with plenty of time to ask questions.


CPR AED classes taught in San Jose are designed for non-medical professionals who need a CPR certification. It is an American Red Cross Certification class taught at your San Jose business or home.

BLS for Healthcare Providers

San Jose BLS Classes are the required CPR certification for people who work in healthcare and for healthcare students: RNs, LVN, Medical Assistant, Dental Professional, Physical and Occupation Therapist, Medical Technician.

First Aid Class

San Jose First Aid classes are for non-medical professionals who need a First Aid certification.

First Aid CPR AED Classes

The San Jose First Aid CPR AED classe is a Red Cross Certification class designed for non-medical professionals. It meets OSHA’s First Aid & CPR certification requirements.

Pediatric First Aid AED CPR Class

The Pediatric First Aid AED CPR Class taught in San Jose is the EMSA’s required certification course for licensed daycare and preschool teachers in California.

ACLS Class

San Jose ACLS classes are for medical professionals who need to recognize and respond to cardiac rhythms and manage airways. This class is for students who are new to ACLS or do not have a current American Heart Association ACLS certification.

Frequently Asked Questions About San Jose and Silicon Valley CPR Classes


Q: How do I set up a CPR class at my San Jose business or home?

A: Whether you need CPR Training, BLS Certification or an Infant CPR class, contact us with a couple dates and start times in mind and we will a schedule with you. We can also train you to use an AED.


Q: Do you instruct the American Heart Association’s BLS certification class in San Jose?

A: Yes, the AHA’s BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR certification is often the required CPR certification if you work in a clinic or hospital. If you a student in healthcare, you are also required to have a BLS certification.


Q: Do your classes fulfill EMSA requirements for licensed childcare teachers in San Jose.

A: Yes! In Home CPR travels to preschools, daycares and childcare centers around the Bay Area teaching the American Red Cross Pediatric First Aid CPR AED certification course. There is a lot of confusion around the EMSA sticker being on a certification card. Red Cross and American Heart Association certifications are exempt from needing that sticker. Their certification courses are the industry standard so the EMSA does not require the sticker. Any other organization’s certification must be approved by the EMSA, and if approved the EMSA sticker is required to be placed on the certification card to show its acceptance. This is why In Home CPR exclusively teaches American Red Cross and American Heart Association certification courses.


A: I know CPR training is important. But, what about including First Aid training in my class?

Q: We agree! Everyone knows that CPR and using an AED are life-saving skills. However, First Aid training will prepare you for the most common medical emergency medical emergencies such as choking, bleeding, burns, using an epi-pen. Responding to cold and heat emergencies. Broken bones, seizures and allergic reactions. We teach San Jose First Aid and CPR AED certification classes combination classes.


Q: How quickly can I get my certification card?

A: We’re now issuing eCards instead of the traditional paper First Aid or CPR certification cards for San Jose. eCards are far more versatile than paper cards. Also, we can immediately issue them at your class. eCards can be printed like the traditional paper card and also downloaded as a PDF file to store on your phone or computer.  You won’t lose your CPR card anymore!


Q: Can I do part of my CPR class online and you come to my San Jose location for practicing the skills?

A: Yes! You can do part of your First Aid, ACLS, BLS or CPR class online, but you still need to have to do a “skills session” with us to receive your certification. The American Heart Association and the American Red Cross have quality interactive online courses. After completing the online course, our instructor comes to your San Jose business or homes to practice the skills you learned about online – practicing with the CPR manikins and first aid supplies. For example, if our instructor teaches an entire Red Cross First Aid CPR AED course at your business or home, it will take about 4.5 to 5 hours. With the blended learning approach, the online portion takes most people between 2 to 3 hours, but this varies on people’s reading speed and familiarity with the course material. The skills session takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. This approach results in the same Red Cross certification.


Q: I work in healthcare in San Jose. What CPR class do I need?

A: If you work in healthcare or are a healthcare student, you are required to have a BLS Provider certification. California hospitals and clinics follow American Heart Association CPR class guidelines and often require a BLS Provider certification — and will not accept any other organization’s certification. Other healthcare industries that require BLS certifications include dentists, physical and occupational therapists. We always instruct American Heart Association BLS certification classes for San Jose offices.


Q: Do you know the San Jose CPR certification and First Aid class requirements for my industry?

A: Yes, we view part of our job to know the First Aid and CPR AED certification requirements for San Jose industries. Whether you’re a preschool that needs an American Red Cross Pediatric First Aid CPR AED certification class or a dental office that needs a BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR certification, we will make sure you get the correct First Aid and CPR certification for your industry.

San Jose CPR Class Locations Taught by In Home CPR

We are proud to have taught CPR certification classes for the following San Jose businesses:

San Jose Dental Boutique, Safari Kid, Orion Montessori School, Taiyo Yuden, ConXion to Community, About Smiles, DS Physical Therapy, Mayfair Golden Manor, Xplore Yoga, Sleep Clinic of Northern California, ABC Evergreen Preschool, San Jose Behavioral Health 

Xplore Yoga

CPR Certification Class

725 Ridder Park Dr #85,
San Jose, CA 95131

About Smiles

BLS Certification Class

7174 Santa Teresa Blvd #A4,
San Jose, CA, 95139

ABC Evergreen Preschool

CPR Certification Class

2650 Alborn Rd,
San Jose, CA 95121 USA

Safari Kid

CPR Certification Class

4868 San Felipe Road, #130,
San Jose, CA 95135

Stanford Nurses Use CPR to Resuscitate Passenger on Plane to San Jose

Sophie Loo and Angela Bingham noticed a fellow passenger in distress and they saw the warning signs of cardiac arrest – pale, sweating, and unresponsive. They were familiar with how to treat cardiac arrest but in a hospital setting with equipment.

“We just went into nursing mode,” Loo said, “but the stress was beyond anything I’ve ever known as a nurse. We were so focused on what we were doing; we knew the gravity of his condition.

With the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED), which every commercial airplane is required to carry by the Federal Aviation Administration, they successfully brought the passenger back to consciousness.


Health Topics For New Parents — Flu

In Home CPR has a been a leader since 2010 in educating parents to respond to pediatric medical emergencies.  One potential medical emergency that is often overlooked is the danger of influenza viruses or the flu.



As an independent businesswoman, it was refreshing to work with someone who believes as I do:that punctuality, professionalism, kindness, and good customer relations are worthy goals to achieve.

Sornam Sahadevan

My family had the pleasure of having Chris teach us a class that, in my opinion, is not an option if you choose to have children – it’s mandatory.

Lori Costabile

I recently completed a CPR class with Chris, and I urge anyone who is interested in taking a CPR class to take Chris’ class; you’ll be happy you did. Chris is a natural teacher, and he has an easy going and very likable personality.

Tom Rooker

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