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In Home CPR is instructing for Kinspace and Momumental

Oct 6, 2017

by Chris Schlesinger

In Home CPR Blog

In Home CPR is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Kinspace and Momumental to instruct the infant first aid and CPR portions of their classes.

Kinspace founder Susan Bordon is a licensed psychotherapist and lactation education counselor who has been providing education and guidance to families for over 10 years in hospital and outpatient settings.  Kinspace is exclusively offering McMoyler Method prenatal classes, providing expectant parents with all current best practices and options for any type of birth.  They also offer sleep learning, breast and bottle feeding support groups and postpartum support at home.

Momumental founder Serena Saeed-Winn is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner who offers postpartum prep classes.  Her classes focus on preparing for the first few months of parenthood, including preparing your home and your relationships.  She also covers the typical healing process after birth, important pre-baby conversations, how to create layers of support, nutrition, newborn care and more.

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