Kathy Kapps

  • Location: Sausalito, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed the CPR class that Chris presented in my home. It was informative, easy and very convenient. I also had a friend come and take the class with me, which made the price the same as if we took a class at the community center.

I was immediately able to put into practice what I learned the following week when I started to choke. I headed out of the room and remembered what he told me, which was to not go somewhere where no one would know you are in trouble. I stayed in the room and had my husband help me instead of trying to do it all by myself.

Chris has a great personality, gentle yet in charge. I highly recommend taking Chris’ in home classes as the personal attention is well worth it. Plus, the course takes half the time it takes with a big group class. The one-on-one attention allowed me to ask questions at the moment they came up for me, and I know that I would not have been able to ask them in a large group setting.

I would use him again for my re-certification needs and highly recommend him for anyone that wants to know what to do in case of an emergency. I feel confident now that I could be of help to someone if need be… especially a loved one. Thank you Chris for being such a good instructor. It’s such a great idea to learn this valuable information in the comfort of one’s own home.