Bobbi Fagone

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Is there anything more important to learn than how to save another person’s life?  But how many of us fast-track, Bay Area residents find the time to locate a CPR class that fits into our crazy schedules, sign up, then drive to the class location and take the training?  Chris Schlesinger’s in-home CPR training circumvents all the hassle and provides easy-to-learn instruction at YOUR convenience.  Chris is a great teacher–extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient and makes the class fun.  He brings his whole classroom right to your house and teaches the most current, up-to-date techniques including how to administer CPR to children and infants.  For our class, we invited friends to join us and had a blast all learning together.  My advice is, don’t put off learning today what could save the life of someone you love tomorrow.  Call Chris now and schedule your own in-home CPR training!